A hybrid between a limo and a pick-up truck

For the fans of an elegant-designed sedan from the past, they may be interested in the new version of Toyota Century. This car is a luxury four-door sedan with a classic design but larger Jim dimension. The car with a boxy design is planned to be out in 2018. In the meantime, if you love to rent a limo for your special occasions, just visit lalimorental.org and hire the best one that you like.

With a larger physical shape makes this sedan gives access in and out a more spacious for passengers. It is supported by bigger and longer doors. This sedan comes with a length of 5335 mm, 1.930 mm wide, 1.505 mm height and wheelbase size of 3090 mm.

Despite the classic look, Century has a variety of contemporary features, ranging from LED lights, various safety features to hybrid engines.

Another difference lies in the machine. Previous versions that came out in 1997 using a V12 engine, now Century uses 5.0L V8 engine plus Toyota Hybrid System II to suppress fuel consumption.

There is no detailed information about the power of the 2UR-FSE coded engine. However, from the code, it shows the engine in correlation with Lexus LS600h engine that has the power of 394 hp with 520 nm of torque.

To ensure a smoother ride, Toyota has installed their latest development tire. This tire is predicted to reduce vibration and produce fewer sounds. For the same reason, the machine also has a system so as not to noise when ignited.

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