Steps you can try to choose a pool pump

The first step is to know the cubic of water contained in the pool. Because it is very influential to determine how HP pool pumps should be used to be able to suck and push water into the filtration system. In the meantime, you might also want to see the excellent Pool Pump for Above Ground Pools.

Here I will assume a 10-meter long swimming pool, 4 meters wide with a depth of 1.5 meters.

How to calculate the water cameras?

We can calculate by the formula long times the width of times. This is for a rectangular pool. So lubricating the pond with the assumption of the above size to be: 10 m X 4 m X 1.5 m = 60 m³

After knowing the cubic water pool, then we’re going to the next tip is:

Knowing how far the pool is with the pump room. The distance and proximity of the distance are very influential in the Flow Ratenya or the ability of the pump in the flow of water in a certain period.

In choosing a swimming pool pump is recommended in accordance with the needs, it will affect the circulation system and can save costs.

However, if it is too large from the specified size, it can affect the damaged pipe installation and also the filter used, the costs incurred for the procurement of larger pumps and the necessary electricity will be greater. Next, we go to the last tip.

In choosing the pump you must adjust to the condition of the pump room. In this case, we should know the space provided for the pump, in order to install the pump with the maximum.

Assuming the size of the pool above then the cubic water pool is 60m³. You can choose 1 hp pump to get maximum result, with Flow Rete size 16 m³ / hour meaning that within one hour with pump one Hp can flow or circulate swimming pool water as much as 16 m³. For 60m pool water cubics it will take a circulation time of approximately four hours. (60: 16 = 3.75).

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