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Explanation of All Risk Insurance

The first thing you should see when going to choose the best car insurance or car insurance is the age of the vehicle itself, the condition of the engine and the condition of the car body. By knowing the condition of the vehicle, you can easily choose the type of insurance to be selected. By visiting you can compare the best insurance for you.

This time we will discuss All Risk or comprehensive insurance.

The first type of car insurance is all risk car insurance. This type of insurance can be called comprehensive or whole insurance because the type of all risk insurance is very appropriate if your car is only 0 – 10 years old, because, at that age, the car body condition is still smooth, thus requiring total protection. All risk insurance has various types of expansions that you can add such as collision or theft and flood protection. By using all risk insurance products, you will get a temporary replacement car while your car is in repair at the workshop. In addition, all risk insurance still has other types of protection such as third-party demands, collision damage, upside down, slipping, mired, until the fire.