Managing your luggage during the umrah travel

When departing and gathering at the departure location, usually the travel agent staff will give a sign of “Tag Label” in each Bag Bag. So you do not have to bother naming and giving photos in your baggage luggage. Meanwhile, you can visit to know a fine service for umrah and hajj.

Is carrying a Cabin Bag necessary?

of course, bring 1 piece of clothing and snack and keep it in the cabin bag. to be afraid of your delay plane carrying a change of clothes and being able to eat.

Cabin bag is a bag that can be entered into the plane. Whether it’s a backpack or a tote bag that is not too big.

Bag of Passport?

Usually, the tour travel staff provides facilities such as passport bags. The point is to store your important passport and equipment.

Pocket money?

If you want to exchange Real, the tour travel staff may provide when manasik or when departure. But the truth is you do not have to worry, because in the holy land was easy. If you have a Debit / VISA or Cirus credit card you can take money at any ATM. Money changers or Money Changer is also quite a lot.

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