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Don’t wash your carpet with a random soap or detergent

Many people feel that if the carpet is dirty it will rush to wash it. But the problem is that many people equate carpet washing like washing other items. Namely by using soap. Because so far there are still many who think that washing with soap will clean the dirt on any object. Meanwhile, you can also go to and hire the trusted cleaning service for carpets.

But unfortunately, this does not apply to carpets. It is true if the carpet is washed with soap it will be clean. But it will only be temporary. Because once the carpet is dry it will be a lot of dust or dirt getting clingy. It can not be separated from the residue produced from the soap when washing. Do not stop there, because it will also make the carpet becomes more easily damaged.

Keeping the durability of the carpet is not an easy matter. Especially with the many restrictions as mentioned above. So the easiest solution is to submit it to an expert carpet wash service to maintain the durability of the carpet.

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