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Avoid these attitudes when you’re in the UK

If you are in England and you are a tourist, you should not criticize the royal family. Or criticize the activities carried out by the royal family. The majority of the English people love their queen so they will not like it if there are tourists who come to England then criticize and even insulting. Aside from that, you may want to take your English exam for your visa at Trinity college leeds.

What makes this taboo because the English people are very polite and when there are immigrants criticizing the royal family, this will trigger their anger. They themselves do not know clearly why they love royalty even though they never meet.

A simple example of their love of the royal family, they always imitate the style of dress kate in a short time, dresses or accessories are in use by Kate always sold out quickly.

In addition, the English people can be said if the thumb for the business queue up. They do not need to be instructed or marked to queue up, naturally, they will stand behind you in the line of queues very well without pushing or complaining to the person in front of him. They respect each other’s rights and even if they see you are in a hurry for a reason, they will offer you to get through it. So if you suddenly cross the queue, you are grabbing their right to get a turn first. Stepping over the queue in the UK will be seen very badly.