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The Importance of Branded Traffic Your Business Website

Have you ever entered your own name into a Google search engine? Most of you may have tried it and for those of you who have not, maybe you’re trying it right now! What makes someone do it? For us, this phenomenon exists because of the curiosity that arises about what things are related to us on the internet, our branding. Let the people or a persona as a brand. This also applies to the brand of products or services built by a website. This is called Branded Traffic or Branded Organic Traffic. Branded traffic is an unlimited search on the search results itself or on the SERP, but also when a searcher goes directly to the link he is heading a particular brand website. Increasing branded traffic is important because of many things. Besides that, you can visit to learn the proper way for designing website.

Here, we will list the benefits that show how important it is for you to increase your branded traffic!

Why do you need to increase branded traffic? Here’s why:

– Branded traffic is what shows a bunch of people who already know your site or blog, looking for you, who wants to know about you. Think of them as your friends. Callon visitors or searchers who will be able to benefit your interests. They could be your buyers or tenants. Or if your blog is a personal website, they can be loyal readers of the content or posts you share.

– If you are working on Search Engine Optimization or commonly abbreviated as SEO, then you will realize that brand keyword has a high CTR (Click Through Rate).

– Google will always give you additional benefits from your branded keywords, so you may need to get ready for a good ranking on the first page of SERP. Is not this what you want so far as a website manager? To increase traffic to your website?

– If you already have a conversion setup on your website, then you will find the fact that your brand keyword generates bigger when compared to non-brand keywords. If not this fact you can, then you need to review your site’s navigation and information architecture.

– Brand traffic is the digital version of the brand value or the success of your branding on the internet.