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These are Three Major Lectures that are Still Popular

There are various university courses you can choose from and various jobs in the future. All you need now is decide which university you choose and how to get in there. In the UK, you should be able to get a visa in advance that you can get by taking the test, one of which is B1 english test.

Various types of majors and jobs that are still in demand until now is
1. Language
What you can learn there is the linguistic and etymological history of a language, the structure and manner of use and the science of good communication. And the jobs you can get are translators, journalists, hoteliers, and airline employees.

2. Law
The things you learn are the laws, the history, the politics of a State and the laws that support them. The job prospects you get are military servicemen, lawyers, prosecutors, and notaries.

3. Medicine
You can study medicine and specialization. The available jobs are of course general practitioners, specialists, and various other doctors.