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Benefits of Kefir for Health

Kefir itself is actually almost similar to probiotic drinks or yogurt. Kefir is made from the basic ingredients of milk, which is fermented. However, naturally, the benefits are much better than yogurt, since kefir is fermented by approximately 60 microbes. While ordinary yogurt consists of only a few microbes. Kefir comes from the Turkish language meaning “Keif” which means fun or pleasant feeling. You can visit our website to get kefir ireland.

As one of the health drinks, kefir has a lot of vitamins and minerals and also has some ingredients. Here is the composition of kefir:

Amino acid
Vitamins B 1 and B12
Vitamin K
Lactic acid

With those composition, of course, kefir has a lot of uses. Here are some benefits:

1. Healthy digestive organs and digestion process

Kefir has a good bacteria and microbial content that has a very important function in maintaining healthy digestive organs. And also able to launch the process of digestion. Thus the risk of experiencing indigestion will be reduced.

2. Improve the function of bile and pancreas

Good bacteria content on the benefits of kefir able to repair and optimize the function of your bile and pancreas organ.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Kefir can also be used as one of the anti-inflammatory products. This means, kefir can prevent the emergence of inflammation and infection of the organs – the body.

4. Improving the motoric function of the body

Kefir also has excellent benefits for improving motor function in the body. This is because kefir can optimize the absorption of nutrients that are good for the nerves and also the brain.

5. Antitoxin and anti-bacterial

Benefits of kefir are one of the beverages that are anti-toxin and anti-bacterial, so as to fight bacteria and toxins that enter the body.

6. Prevent pneumonia

Because it is one of the beverages that are anti-inflammatory, then kefir can be used as a prevention of the emergence of pneumonia or pneumonia.